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Dr. Joel Wallach begins the show discussing how he was the first to discover a non-human case of cystic fibrosis. When he took his findings to Emery University he was fired. So he went back to school and became a doctor so he could treat people. Applying his knowledge of supplementing with vitamins and minerals.

Pearls of Wisdom

Dr. Wallach continues his monologue.


Alea is a pre-diabetic with bi-polar disorder and is experiencing irregular periods.

Caroline has high blood pressure and has been diagnosed with lung cancer.

Dennis has doctor that is trying to get him on statin drugs.

Cheryl has been diagnosed with sciatic neuropathy.

Call Dr. Wallach’s live radio program weekdays from noon until 1pm pacific time at 831-685-1080 or toll free at 888-379-2552.

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