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Dr. Joel Wallach begins the show today telling the story of how he found the first non-human case of cystic fibrosis. When he took his findings to Emery University he was fired. Also telling how Jerry Lewis was fired for taking Doc’s data to the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation.

Pearls of Wisdom

Dr. Wallach continues his monologue.


Henry has high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, peripheral neuropathies and shortness of breath.

Eileen is going blind due to cataracts.

Dale has friend with diverticulitis and bone on bone arthritis in her hips.

John has high blood pressure, kidney failure, tinnitis and shingles.Call Dr. Wallach’s live radio program weekdays from noon until 1pm pacific time at 831-685-1080 or toll free at 888-379-2552.

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