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No Injuries At Santa Cruz High School today 10-27-22 10:40 S.S.

The following was posted on the Santa Cruz High School website at 10:30 this morning:

SCCS Families,

While we are cooperating with police as they investigate an anonymous report of an active shooter, there is currently no confirmation of a shooter and there have been no incidents of violence at any of our campuses today.

The anonymous tip listed a classroom that does not exist, and at this time there is no confirmation of a shooter or threat. We are cooperating with Police as they follow full protocols to ensure students safety.

Out of an abundance of caution, police have asked us to lock down all of our school sites, but at the moment we have no evidence of a threat at this time.

Earlier story:

09:40 – 3 schools in Santa Cruz have been placed on lockdown due to a called-in threat.  Law enforcement officers are evacuating everyone out of Santa Cruz High School, and methodically searching the school.  The other 2 schools that are locked down (as a precaution, because they are near the High School) are Mission Hills Middle School, and Bayview Elementary School.  The people in the District’s other 7 schools are Sheltering-In-Place.  Many Law enforcement officers are already on-scene, and many more are headed to the scene from both Highway 17 and Highway 1.  people are asked to stay away from the area of Santa Cruz High School so that officers can complete their investigation.

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