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Dr. Joel Wallach begins the show today discussing reactive hypoglycemia. Stating that it is not genetic but due to a nutritional deficiency. Asserting the condition can be prevented and reversed with nutritional supplementation. Contending doctors will just want to treat the symptoms.

Pearls of Wisdom

Doug Winfrey and Dr. Wallach discuss a news article regarding a study from England. Researchers finding that high doses of vitamin B6 can relieve feelings of anxiety and depression in young adults. The high doses were 50 times the recommended daily dose. Foods like bananas, chickpeas, salmon and tuna contain vitamin B6.


Ray has glaucoma and fatty liver disease and asks if the colloidal silver is safe to ingest.

William has been diagnosed with tinnitis.

Altrude has low blood pressure, tinnitis, peripheral neuropathies and balance problems.

Debbie has lung cancer and a brain tumor.

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