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Pharmacist Ben Fuchs fills in for Dr. Joel Wallach beginning the show discussing ketones. Stating that a high fat low carbohydrate diet can turn a body into a fat burning system. As currently most people are burning sugars from carbohydrates as fuel for energy. Stating that some elite military groups are using ketogenic diets to get soldiers into extreme fighting shape.

Pearls of Wisdom

Doug Winfrey and Ben Fuchs discuss a news article regarding a study of weight loss. The study looked at 10,000 adults ages 18 to 64 and measured their water intake and consumption of water loaded fruits and vegetables. Finding those overweight and obese also tended to be under hydrated. Researchers recommending that when people feel hungry they should try drinking some water.


Wanda’s husband has a blood clot behind his knee and his doctor put him on blood thinners.

Tom has dupuytren’s disease and wants avoid surgery.

Kyra has been diagnosed with a chronic bladder infection.

Ann has a skin rash that seems to come and go.

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